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How Trupay Works
payment send and receive money directly from your bank account

Send and receive money where you actually want it - in your bank account. Instantly! No intermediaries. No delays. No top up hasseles and locking up your money in e-wallets. Your money remains in your bank account earning interest.

Send money using VPA

No need to remember or share those complicated account numbers or IFSC Codes. Create your own payment id – one id for all your payments. What is payment id ?

Pay using mobile no

As easy as texting your friends – Choose someone to pay from your address book or enter a mobile number, add how much and tap send. Recipients gets the money in their bank account instantly! It's free, secure and fast.

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Pay using Trupay

How Trupay Works?

Trupay works via an app on your mobile - available for Android. Create your unique payment id in seconds on Trupay from your mobile number registered with your Bank. You can now send money to another mobile number or a merchant in just a few taps. That money is transferred instantly in the recipient's bank account .You can even send money to someone who is not registered on Trupay. Just enter their Account No. and IFSC code and transfer the money instantly.

How Trupay Works   
Sending Money is as easy as text
send money with trupay

Send Money

Sending money has never been easier. Choose someone to pay from your address book or enter a mobile number - add how much, enter your 6 digit MPIN and tap send. There's is nothing more to it.

Request money form anyone directly into your bank account
Request money with trupay

Request Money

Trupay isn't just a one-way street - with Trupay you can also Request money- Just send out a payment request and wait for your friends to pay up the money. You will get your money in your bank account instantly.

Well it's not just family and friends whom you can pay

pay at COD with trupay

Pay to Businesses

From your local grocer to your favourite restaurant. Just choose a name from the business directory in the app and pay what you owe.

pay all your bills with trupay

Pay Utility Bills

Stay on top of your monthly bills. Pay for your mobile recharges, Landline, DTH, Electricity, and Gas bills directly from your bank account – with just a tap!

gift vouchers to anyone with trupay

Buy with Trupay

You can also buy gift cards from top brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Armani.