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Trupay is a payment solution that allows merchants to request and consumers to approve payments directly using their respective bank accounts using their Mobile number as an identifier .
We have solution for every kind of business:-
1. If you have an offline business, our Merchant Dashboard is perfect for you.
2. If you have a website or mobile app, we offer API and SDK based solutions for them.
No, you just need a laptop/desktop for accessing Merchant Dashboard ( and a working Internet Connection.
These days’ people prefer paying online and do not like to carry hard money. Other Virtual payment methods available in market are also kind of hectic like sharing cards details and other personal information and are not very secure. With Trupay, with just one click customer can make payment. Hence it is a more convenient way of making payments.
No, Trupay is not a wallet and doesn’t ask your customers to load money. Trupay Payment Solution lets your customer’s make transactions directly from there bank account. Customer’s money is safe in there bank.
Both PAYTM and PAYUMONEY requires your customer to load money is wallet which is kind of unnecessary from customer’s point of view. With Trupay customer will get the privilege to directly transfer money from there account to merchant’s account. Moreover we will charge you only 1% of transaction.
No, you just need a laptop/desktop for accessing Merchant Dashboard ( and a working Internet Connection.
• No documentation required for using Trupay tools for collecting payments.
• Start receiving money within minutes
• No technical knowledge required to start collecting money online
• We have a strong dispute resolution team in place to tackle any claim or dispute raised by a buyer. If you have a problem with a transaction, we are here to help.
If you only wish to use Trupay tools, you can go live in few minutes. In case, you have your own website and wish to use our Payment Gateway, it depends upon how quickly the documentation process is completed.
Yes, we do provide technical support for integration. You or your developer can drop an email at or call at 09555007507. One of our integration engineers will get in touch with you.
To integrate with your website, the documents required depend on your Business Filing status. So if you register as a proprietor the documents required will be different from the documents required if you register as a Private Limited Company. For details, you may contact our Support Team at However there are no documents required if you want to sell through Trupay tools.
The bank account can be Current Account or Savings Account.
Yes. For every successful payment - you will receive an email with the details of the payment. For Failed/Unsuccessful payments also email notifications will be sent.
Trupay sends email and SMS notification to the customers with the required payment details.