Trupay Dashboard

Trupay’s merchant dashboard is the perfect solution for requesting payments from your customers digitally. Just input customer’s mobile no or email address and amount to request payment from your customer. For bulk payment request, you can just upload your existing customer list and with one tap, request money from all your customers.

We have made our dashboard so flexible that you can even easily choose mode of payments (UPI, Credit card, Debit card etc.) that you want to enable for your customers. We have further enabled you to communicate with your customers using the same platform. Just upload the customers list and send them push notifications through dashboard.

Trupay dashboard also gives you the functionality to on-board various entities/departments/sub merchants under the same dashboard. You have the power to even appoint different roles and share appropriate rights in the dashboard to different people within your organization.

Features in Dashboard:-
a) Payments Processing:-
  1. Live status of Individual/ Bulk payments
  2. Power to choose from payment modes including UPI, Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, wallets
  3. Same Day Settlement: The fastest mode available.
  4. Refunds
  5. Generate Discount Codes for your customers
  6. Analytics and Reports
b) Admin Functionalities:-
  1. On-board Sub merchants
  2. Push Communications
  3. View status of live Transactions
  4. Reports for all sub merchants centrally.
c) Value Added Services:-
  1. Communication
    a. Feedback
    b. Surveys
    c. Promotional
  2. eKYC

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